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Curtains have always been the first option for a large window and at HereBlinds we hold a large variety of colours and patterns also optional of having thermal, blackout, or premium lining increasing its performance.

HereBlinds stocks different of track types to match your window’s shape whether if it’s a straight window or if it’s a bay with multi angles we promise to deliver high quality.


Dressing a window will change the entire look of the room and every window dressing needs a different lining performance. For example, you may like the sun lighting welcoming in the living space however you won’t like having a sun light coming in the early morning to your bedroom. choose different curtain lining and lining colour.


Choose to add an extra layer installed back of your curtain to add privacy within your room while the curtain is open and you are enjoying the maximum sunlight. Or choose from designed voile curtain.

A bigger collection is available made for the size of your window. Ask our consultant.


All of our fabrics can be used for Curtains,  Roman Blinds, and cushions, giving you the option to have your soft furnishings designed to match. We offer a large range of styles and colours inspired by the latest interior trends.

HereBlinds utilises a range of different track types to match your window’s shape. No matter whether if it’s a straight window or a bay, or a window with multi angles,  our curtain specialists will have a solution to fit.


We offer the same fabrics, colours, and patterns for both roller blinds and vertical blinds. At HereBlinds we hold a wide range of fabric colours and patterns used for curtains, roman blinds, cushions, and lampshades, so we can match all your soft furnishing requirements. Be inspired! With all the latest interior trends you can match cushions and curtains to create a luxury feel in any room.


Sample scan will be available soon.